This is why you should put a cup of rice in your wardrobe! The effect is amazing!



Water damage

Rice isn’t just great as an air freshener, it can also save your phone from drowning. If you’ve accidentally dropped your phone in the toilet or in the sink this trick might save it. Dry rice absorbs the water that has seeped into your phone. It’s crucial to put your phone into a container or bag of rice for at least 48 hours. You should also make sure you take the battery and the SIM card out of the phone beforehand. Leave these to dry on a cloth that easily absorbs water. Important: don’t ever use a blow dryer to try and dry your phone! The hot air is bad for the little machine and you’ll only blow the water into other parts of the phone. This will only damage it more!

Brown banana

Bananas seem to go brown before you know it and although they’re usually still okay to eat, they don’t really look very appetising. A lot of people immediately throw away brown bananas but there’s no need to do that! This trick can transform a banana from being brown and sad to yellow and happy! Put a fair amount of rice in a ziplock back and add the banana to it. Close the bag and make sure the banana inside it is largely covered by the rice. Leave the banana in the bag for about an hour. After the hour has passed, take out your blow dryer. Take the banana out of the bag of rice and then blow it with the blow dryer. Watch a miracle take place as the banana turns yellow again!

Don’t believe it? Watch the video below!

Source: Tiphero | Images: photomontage, Flickr: Magnus DWheeler Cowperthwaite, Cushy Spa, video still

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