You should wrap your feet in aluminium foil and this is why! Genius!


Back to the feet! Why should you wrap this handy foil around them?


Got a nasty cold? You can get rid of it in no time at all! How does this work? Take five to seven sheets of aluminium foil and wrap them around your feet. Leave them on for about an hour. Then take the foil off and leave your feet to breathe for an hour before wrapping them again with the foil. Repeat this process every evening. You’ll notice the difference after two nights already.


If you’re experiencing pain in your joints, you can wrap them with foil as well. Use a bandage to keep the foil in place properly. Wrap the foil around the aching joint before you go to bed and make sure it stays in place the entire night. Keep doing this for about seven nights in a row.


We’ve got one more aluminium foil tip and this is one for when you’re suffering from fatigue. Put a few sheets of the foil into the freezer for two to four hours. After this time is up, place the sheets on your face, and particularly on your eyelids and cheeks. Make yourself comfortable in a chair or on the sofa and you’ll notice the relaxing effect the foil has on you.

While aluminium foil can really help to ease and soothe everyday aches, it should never replace professional medical attention. Make sure you talk to a doctor before trying any home remedies and continue taking any prescriptions your doctor has recommended to you.

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