Genius: This is why you should bury used tea bags in your garden!

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used tea bags


By putting a tea bag into the earth in your garden, you’re providing it with extra nutrition. Tea leaves contain tannin and nutrients, and they are a natural fertiliser for the soil. The tea bag itself is usually fabricated from the fibres from the abaca plant (this is a type of banana plant). The tea will very easily dissolve in the earth and it will create a good and healthy environment for your flowers and plants to grow.


Another thing the tea bags do is keeping vermin at a distance. Used tea bags, but coffee grounds as well, help to make sure vermin stay away from your beloved plants and flowers. The smell of the tea or the coffee is unpleasant to the creatures that want to eat up your plants. It will chase them away and your plants will be safe!

Want to know what else tea bags can do for your garden? Keep reading and watch the video on the next few pages!