Genius: This is why you should bury used tea bags in your garden!

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used tea bags

Compost heap

Another smart thing to do is to add a used tea bag to your compost heap. Tea contains a ton of acids that will speed up the disintegration process of the compost. That means that you’ll be able to make use of the compost a lot quicker than you would otherwise. Your garden will be very happy with that and then so will you!


You can also bury used tea bags in the earth close to the roots of your plants and flowers as well. This will help your flowers and plants to retain more water than they normally would and that means they will be a lot healthier and happier!


Nobody likes weeds growing in their garden. Luckily, our good friend the used tea bag presents the perfect solution for this as well. The tea bags will actually keep the weeds away. Bury a used tea bag in the earth and you’ll be making it much more difficult for the weeds to grow alongside your happy, healthy flowers and plants.