You think it’s just a regular garage, but wait until you see the inside!



The garage home is modern and minimalistic. The person who designed it has really thought about the space which the wooden block in the middle shows. It has both a sofa and a desk in it and on the back of it, there’s a staircase that leads to a bed on top of it!


The bedroom isn’t really a separate room – you go up a little staircase and then you arrive at this sleeping space. You sleep under a skylight in a cosy little nook. We love how well-used the space is because of this! The wooden structure looks sleek and modern and houses a sofa and a desk, but it basically adds another floor at the same time. Multifunctional!


The kitchen is spacious with a ton of light coming in through the large windows, which make it look even bigger. There’s enough room for cooking a nice meal and you can entertain guests here as well.

What do you think of this made-over garage? It’s perfect to rent out as a holiday home, but it also has enough space for someone to live in more permanently. We love it!

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