This house had been empty since the 1950s and what was found inside… Simply phenomenal!



They also found handwritten letters. Unfortunately, we have no clue about the contents of the letters. We’d love to know what’s in them! They look super interesting…


The state in which this bedroom was found is very impressive. The photographer said that making a picture was almost a mission impossible due to all the stacks of books. We love the look of this room! And that bed… It looks so comfy!


The piano was a little dusty when they found it. This room looks a little crowded but we like it nonetheless. There’s something about the atmosphere that has hooked us! It’s like we’ve gone back in time.

Display cabinet

This display cabinet accommodates little china cats, glasses, and floral teacups. How lovely that all of those china¬†figures have survived all of these years! They look so cute! We wonder what will happen to them…

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