This house had been empty since the 1950s and what was found inside… Simply phenomenal!


Living room

This room had decayed the worst. It features a red couch, two plush chairs as well as other pieces of furniture. An acoustic guitar remains in its case on the coffee table, together with an old record player and a stack of vinyl records.


The nearly antique early-20th-century gramophone remains in a corner in the living room along with replacement needles and wipes to clean the records. We’re sure collectors would absolutely dig this!


Coolest thing ever: all the products were still in their original packaging. We love it! It’s so amazing that a house like this exists!


This is the stove with a bunch of kitchen supplies. We have to admit the stove does look pretty gross. Are those 50-year-old food scraps? Yikes…


The dressing table in the bathroom displayed outdated toiletries. Inside the drawers, a box stuffed with hats, jewellery and photo albums was found. We do wonder why the dressing table was placed here in the bathroom, though. It looks a little out of place there next to the bathtub.

It’s amazing that such a house actually existed all this time without anybody knowing about it! It’s like a true time capsule and we love it!

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