This house doesn’t look like it’s worth 1.8 million dollars, but when you look inside you’ll get it!



The living room

As soon as you walk into the living room, you understand why this seemingly rundown house costs so much money. The wood floors shine beautifully and the large, wide space has a ton of exposed brick and has been decorated in lovely brown colour and wood accents. We’re impressed!


The kitchen

The home has an open plan with the kitchen looking right onto the living area. With a large marble kitchen island, you’d have plenty of space to cook a nice meal here. And look at that ceiling and the spiral staircase going up to the open next floor! We love the look of it!


The kitchen, part 2

Here’s another better look at the kitchen. Doesn’t it look marvellous with those brick walls and the marble in front? It’s both rustic and modern, and we love it!

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