This man bought a 700-year-old cave and turned it into something amazing!


man rebuild 700 year old cave

Angelo found this 700-year-old cave near Worcestershire, England. After renovating it, it now sports a couple of features most caves don’t: underfloor heating, a rain shower and an internet connection. There’s also a beautiful kitchen, which looks like it came right out of a modern, sleek home. Caves tend to be dark places, but not this one. There are a ton of windows and doors through which light will come in. All this didn’t come cheap, of course. Angelo spent a whopping £160,000 on the project and 1,000 hours of work. We think the result is definitely worth it, though. This is what you call a dream home!

rebuild 700 year old cave inside

You’d never think you were inside a cave if you saw this bright room! All of the walls have been painted a nice and clean white and it looks amazing.

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