This 96-year-old lady is selling her house and what’s inside will amaze you!



Pink is her favourite colour!

It’s clear this lady has a thing for shades of pink. You can find pink accents or wallpapers in almost every room which makes you feel like this house belongs in a fairytale. Just look at that beautiful flower wallpaper! Doesn’t it make you feel as if you’re in a princess’s home? This looks like a lovely nook to have breakfast or read your morning newspaper. We can just imagine the old lady sitting there.



The kitchen is very spacious; there’s tons of room to cook large meals for a family. And here, too, we find the lady’s love of luxury: there’s a true chandelier hanging from the ceiling! How amazing is that? The kitchen has light pink details as well and a large sink to do a ton of dishes in. We’d love to know if this kitchen comes with a dishwasher, though…


Master bedroom

The big bedroom has lovely shades of purple and looks like the perfect place to rest after a busy day. The cream bedding and furniture have a calming effect and we love the long cabinet that runs along the entire length of the room.


Second bedroom

Her love of pink returns in the smaller bedroom, which is the pinkest room in the house. The walls are bright pink with pretty details and while the room is small, it’s also cosy and warm. Maybe she had a granddaughter who came for sleepovers and stayed in this room?


Writing room

The last room seems to have a little writing desk, so we have dubbed it the writing room. We can only imagine the tons of letters the lady must have written here. Maybe there were love letters as well? We’ll never know!

It’s clear the old lady loved her house very much. We can only imagine all the things that happened here and the amazing life she must have led. Hopefully the new owners will take good care of her lovely home!

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