Wow: this woman bought four sea containers and converted them into a beautiful home



The living room

The living area looks sleek and modern and if it weren’t for the wall behind the sofa, you’d never think the house was made out of sea containers. That sofa looks as if it’d be perfect to curl up on with a good book or with a glass of wine and a friend. This is a lovely home to have friends over and have a good time together.


The kitchen

The look of the kitchen fits with the rest of the house: modern, metal and minimalistic. It looks like the perfect kitchen to cook up a nice meal; there’s plenty of space to prepare food and have you seen that big stove? We’re daydreaming already about all the food we could make here! The dinner parties we’d throw…


The bedroom

Actually, this is the bedroom and the bathroom, as those two rooms are merged together in this home. Where the modern feel reigned in the living and cooking area, this room has a few cosy touches as well. It still fits with the rest of the home, but the warm colours as well as the lights and the colourful duvet help to make this the perfect place to wind down from your day and go to sleep.


The bathroom

There’s plenty of room in the bathroom and the bath itself has a nice view of the outside. We can just imagine ourselves having a bath here after a long day. It seems like the most peaceful way to end your day! The upstairs, where the bathroom and the bedroom are located, has a lot of wood details, which adds to the combination of a rustic and modern atmosphere here.

What do you think of Claudie’s home? Doesn’t it look beautiful? We’d certainly like to live here!
Source: Newsner | Images: Facebook

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