You should wrap your feet in aluminium foil and this is why! Genius!


Wrapping your feet in aluminium foil is a great idea!

Everyone’s familiar with aluminium foil. Most people use in the kitchen, and we don’t think many people would come up with the idea to wrap parts of their body with it. That’s actually a pretty good idea, though! It might sound weird, but it turns out that aluminium foil is a great product to use against everyday problems and ailments.


There are many advantages and benefits to wrapping parts of your body in aluminium foil. For example, it can alleviate aching joints, it soothes pain caused by burns and it is a great solution against fatigue. And it can even help you cure your cold!

Before we’re getting into why you should wrap your feet with aluminium foil, let’s talk about some other great things to use it for that you might never have thought of before.

  • Funnel: Do you need a funnel but don’t you have one on hand? Don’t worry! Simply fold a bit of aluminium foil into the shape of a funnel! It won’t leak and you won’t have to go out and buy one. It’s the ideal solution!
  • Ironing: Aluminium foil is a great solution for an ironing emergency. If you need to quickly iron something and you don’t have a lot of time to do it, just fold the item of clothing around a piece of foil and then iron it. The foil will cause the piece of clothing to be ironed at both sides at the same time. It’ll be done much more quickly!
  • Scissors: There’s no need to throw out scissors when they’ve gone a little blunt. All you need is some aluminium foil! Take a piece of foil and use the scissors to cut it into smaller pieces. The foil will cause the scissors to become sharp again.
  • Static cling: Static cling on clothes can be super annoying. Luckily, there’s an easy way to fix this. Scrunch up some foil into a ball and rub your clothes with this. The static cling will be gone!
  • WiFi: Are you having trouble with a WiFi signal that’s a little weak? Fashion a screen out of aluminium foil and place it against a wall that’s close to the spot where you want to increase the signal. The signal will be better in the direction of the screen.

Wondering why you should wrap aluminium foil around your feet? Then continue reading!

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