This is why you should add a ball of aluminium foil to the dryer when doing laundry! Brilliant!


aluminium foil

Electric charge

Putting aluminium foil into your washing machine or dryer won’t damage either of the machines. It will cause our clothes to no longer be static because the foil absorbs all of the electric charge. Because of this, fluff and dirt won’t cling to your clothes as easily.

Aluminium ball

One of the tips Mom Hacks give us is putting a ball of aluminium foil in the dryer with your wet laundry. This ball of aluminium foil can be used as an alternative to dryer sheets in case you’ve run out, or just to use something cheaper. Make three balls out of the foil that are all about the same size as your hand. Add these to your wet clothes in the dryer and just put it on the programme you would use anyway. The balls are suitable to use multiple times so you don’t need to throw them away right away. You can use the same ball for up to six months if you’ve scrunched it into a ball tightly enough.

Watch the video below for more brilliant laundry hacks!

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