Bread clips: you won’t throw them away ever again once you know what you can do with them!

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bread clips

3. Untangling headphones

It seems like all you have to do is look away for a second and your headphones become tangled. Untangling them is a terribly annoying chore and it also takes way too long. The frustration! Luckily, there’s an easy solution and you’ll have guessed what it is: a bread clip! Untangle your headphones one last time and then roll them up. Place the bread clip around the rolled up headphones. They’ll never become tangled again!

bread clips

4. Identifying power plugs

Sometimes restarting a device means you need to pull its plug out of the socket for a couple of seconds. If you’re like us and you use power strips all around your house, finding out which plug belongs to which device can be a bit difficult. There’s an easy way to work around this problem, though. All you need is a couple of bread clips and use them as labels. Write down the name (or an abbreviation of the name) of the device on the bread clip and then clip it to the power cord it belongs to. This can save you a lot of time!

Source: The Scott Brothers | Image: video stills