This is the amazing reason why everyone should pour dish soap into their toilet!


Dish soap

It’s true; all you need for this great solution to a clogged toilet is dish soap and warm water. Pour a generous splash of dish soap into the clogged toilet. You’ll notice the stuff will start to gradually sink to the bottom of the bowl. Next, add warm water (don’t make it boiling hot, though – this can damage your toilet bowl) to the toilet until the bowl is completely filled. Wait for about 20 to 30 minutes so the soap and the water are able to do their thing. The water will seep around the blockage and the water level will slowly sink. You can now flush the toilet and the entire blockage will be gone!


Is your toilet clogged more regularly than you’d like? Try pouring some dish soap into the toilet every so often; that way, your toilet much less likely to get clogged. So, the soap also works as a precautionary measure!

Source: Wikihow | Images: video stills

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