Got empty egg cartons? Don’t throw them out, do these amazing things with them!


Cupcake transportation

We don’t know about you, but we love baking cupcakes for a party or another fun occasion. But, if you’ve spent a lot of time baking them, you’ll also want to make sure you can transport them safely without them being ruined. This is where the empty egg cartons come in again! Place a cupcake in every cup of the carton and you’ll make sure both the cakes and the toppings remain intact.

Seed planter

If you want to give gardening a go but don’t want to make it too challenging for yourself right away, an empty egg carton is an amazing solution. The small cups of the carton are perfectly shaped for growing seeds. All you need is a little potting soil and some seeds, of course. Fill the cups of the carton with some soil and plant a seed in every cup. Is your gardening experiment going well and are the plants growing too big for the carton? Move them to a larger planter or to a suitable spot in your garden.

Bird feeder

Don’t you love it when you look out into your garden and see all kinds of different birds there? We certainly do, and we want to make sure we can feed them in a way that’s environmentally friendly. Egg cartons are perfect for that! It’s pretty easy to make yourself a bird feeder from an egg carton and a piece of string. Fill it with bird food and hang it in a tree in your garden. This way, you don’t have to deal with the plastic netting that other bird feeders and bird food come in.

Source: Wooninspiraties | Images: video stills

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