This is why you should put a cup of rice in your wardrobe! The effect is amazing!



Put a cup of rice in your wardrobe and see what happens next!

We love making delicious dishes with rice in the kitchen like a good nasi or a yummy curry. But there are a ton of handy hacks outside of the kitchen involving rice as well, like drying your phone in rice after you’ve dropped it in water. Most people will have a bag of rice in their pantry. Today, we’ve got another great rice tip for you that’s all about your wardrobe! 

This trick is a good one, guys!


If you know about the trick of putting your smartphone in a bag of rice to save it from smartphone death when you’ve dropped it in water, you’ll probably know this works because dry rice absorbs moisture. This is good information to have because wardrobes can have trouble with moisture as well at times. Perhaps your home is just a little damp of itself, or you’ve put washed clothes back in the wardrobe when they weren’t completely dry yet. The moisture that’s left in the clothes will cause them to smell a little musty, which isn’t nice for anybody. And of course, you just want to avoid moisture in your wardrobe altogether because you don’t want mould, after all!

Essential oils

Since rice absorbs the moisture from a room, it simultaneously works as an air freshener as well. Adding a few drops of essential oil to the rice will cause your wardrobe to smell wonderful and fresh! There’s no need to buy pricey air fresheners or those sachets with a scent; you can make this air freshener yourself very easily. This way, you can completely do what you like and customise until you find the perfect scent for you.

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