These are 7 amazing tricks every car owner should know about!

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Every car owner should know about these amazing tricks!

If you own a car, you’ll know it comes with a ton of responsibilities. There are special taxes you need to pay and you also need to make sure your car is in a good enough condition to be out on the road. Check the tyre pressure, change the oil and also bring it to the garage for a general checkup regularly. These are all the basics of caring for a car, but what do you know about cleaning your car? Both the interior and the exterior could do with a good clean every now and then and that’s where we come in. With these seven amazing tricks, your car will shine like it never did before!

Did you know about these tricks already?

7. Cleaning the headlights

After a certain amount of time, your headlights will probably start to look a little dull and dirty. Luckily, it’s easy to clean them with some whitening toothpaste. Just grab a tube and slather the toothpaste on the headlights, covering them entirely. Just use your fingertips or hands to do this. Let it sit for about 15 minutes. Grab an old toothbrush and start scrubbing the headlights. You’ll notice that the toothpaste turns brown because of all the grime that’s on the glass. After you’ve scrubbed every inch of the headlights, wipe away the toothpaste with a damp towel. You’ll see that your headlights are shining like never before.