These are 7 amazing tricks every car owner should know about!



3. Crumbs

If you often drive long stretches at a time, you’ll probably regularly eat inside your car. And that means there’s a good chance your car is littered in crumbs. Maybe they’re not exactly visible, but you can probably find a ton of them in the nooks and crannies of your automobile. Here’s a tip: place some paper muffin cases in the cup holders in your car. Why? When you’re driving and you have to put down the food you’re eating, like a granola bar, for a minute, you can put it in the muffin case. That way, the crumbs go into the case and not directly into the car.


2. Cleaning up oil

Did some of the oil from your car leak onto your driveway or garage floor? No need to worry! Just get out a can of Coke and pour this onto the stain. Pour enough to entirely cover it in liquid. Wait for about 15 minutes and then use a hard-bristled brush to scrub the oil off the floor. Mop up the coke and rinse the floor with water. You might be wondering how this works. Why can you clean up oil with a soft drink? Well, Coke contains carbonic acid and other acids that get the oil stain off of stone or concrete.


1. Parking help

Do you only have a small garage and are you scared you’ll scratch or damage your car by driving too close to the wall? You can easily fashion yourself a cheap and simple parking help! No need for any fancy technology inside your car. Carefully manoeuvre your vehicle into your garage until it’s in the exact right spot. Grab a tennis ball and cut a cross shape into it with a sharp knife. Tie a nut to a string and push the nut into the tennis ball. Hang the string from the ceiling in such a way that the tennis ball touches the windshield of your car when it’s is parked correctly. The next time you park your car, you’ll know it’s time to hit the brakes when the tennis ball hits your windshield.

Source: Buzzfeed | Images: video stills, Pixabay, Pexels

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