Warning: do you use fabric softener for your laundry? Then you should read this!


fabric softener


So, we hope we’ve convinced you to stop using fabric softener. Detergent on its own isn’t going to make your laundry smell as fresh and be perfectly soft, though. You might be wondering about a good alternative to the chemical-ridden softener. It’s everyone’s favourite natural cleaning agent: vinegar! Vinegar is a veritable miracle product: you can use it for so many different purposes and it’s entirely natural too. Besides vinegar, you could choose to add a little ammonia as well.


Add one cup of vinegar with a splash of ammonia to your dirty laundry. Pour the stuff right into the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine and just add your normal amount of laundry detergent into its designated compartment. The ammonia will make sure that the laundry detergent isn’t going to stick to the fabric of the clothes or other laundry, and the vinegar has a similar function, but then for the minerals in the water instead of the detergent. Together, these two natural products will definitely make sure your laundry will come out perfectly soft and fresh-smelling. If you feel iffy about using ammonia, it’s also perfectly fine to only use the vinegar, without the ammonia added to it. Whatever you do, just don’t use fabric softener!

Source: Margriet | Images: video stills

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